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Checking out Czech

So here I am in Prague, where I planned to go for a holiday, mainly as it's somewhere different to where I've been before, supposedly cheap, they like beer and there were lots of hostels to meet people. It's fair to say it lived up to its expectations from the very start.

I went around the city with an American guy I met in my new and very much improved hostel room, went to different sights we wanted to see, and we were both very impressed. We went around the city, looking at the main tourist sights, went to a Starbucks he wanted to go to, and it was very nice.

We walked towards the Old Town where there we more sights and along the George Bridge, which is somewhere one of my friends has been to see and there was a stunning view from there.

We walked up some lovely streets and saw somewhere to pick up a bite to eat and we found these hot dog cones which were delicious.

We went back to the centre and realised we missed the castle and I tried to navigate our way back. It did seem like we were going around in a circle as we went more or less back to the same place, but we missed a turning which led to the castle just around the corner from a building we looked at. So, we were pleased that we went back for a closer look and found it.

My new American friend Omar wanted a picture with the castle using the mobile app Snapchat and it was difficult to get him and the castle in without several attempts as it was quite dark. I tried several times and eventually got the right balance of everything; I think he appreciated my efforts.

Prague Castle - Vast castle complex with buildings revealing architecture from Roman-style to Gothic & 20th century.

We then peaked in this courtyard to find there was a statue of a naked boy with a very golden penis, and there was lots of interest from tourists around the world. There was even a tour guide that stopped off there, uncertainty I could not earwig some facts.

there was a man with two daughters, and he helped them up to touch the statue's penis and they didn't hold back!

After seeing the city, we then retired back the hostel and relaxed in the sauna and chatted to some more guests from around the world. There were lots of people, especially from New Zealand and Australia who were traveling around Europe with a  package tour bus company called Busabout, which I later found was a very expensive and fast-paced company.


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