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Couchsurfing in Zittau, Germany

Zittau was on my mental list of places I wanted to see as it was on the border with the Czech Republic and Poland and you get to see all three countries together. Like borders, I've seen the one with North Korea, which wasn't exactly peaceful like I have seen this one is.

Before I left I Was lucky enough to have an invitation to stay with a guy call Sepp in this part of Germany right on the south-east corner. It made me feel that this was no longer just a holiday but an adventure!

I was lucky enough to see him play one of his gigs in Prague while he was touring around Europe and I just happened to be there in Prague at the same time before staying with him in Germany the following week. This was great, I got a cheap night out in a local bar and I got to network with him and other locals. He wanted me to livestream the performance to my friends on Facebook and I was happy to do that while I still had enough battery on my phone, thankfully I did. But it did run out for my journey back to the hostel that night.

Tip: If you are going traveling, I would suggest you buy a battery pack/ USB power bank as having GPRS enabled on your phone drains your battery fast.

After meeting him, I saw he was a lovely guy and I was all set for getting the bus up to Germany to meet him. I changed in the town of Liberec, where I got a Flixbus onto Zittau. I arrive early on a Sunday morning into this small town and as expected, there was not much open, but I found a coffee shop that was open. I was really happy to now be spending Euros now, which I was much more familiar with, and are similar to pounds, as well as knowing a little bit of German.

The town was very quaint and pretty and was happy to have a little bit of a look around while it was quiet to take some photos for Instagram. After having a coffee and charging up my phone, I then see a message from Sepp with his address inviting me over for breakfast at his house, which was very trendy and I got a warm welcome from him, his girlfriend Juja and their friend. Sepp was tired after his tour, so I was grateful that he was ok with having me over that morning. We chatted and got to know each other more.

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