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Cycling to Poland and Czechia!

Once I arrived in Zittau in Germany and sat down with my new friends who were putting me up, my host knew why I chose to go there, and that was mainly to go to the border area with Poland and Czechia. 

We spend that Sunday having a look at where he rehearses in the band, which was a lovely discreet countryside location, in the woods with horses. I was there with Sepp's lovely girlfriend Juja and we fed the horses at the stables.

I had never been anywhere like this in Germany before, it was really relaxed and I was just making the most of the fresh air and being in the countryside, as I'm used to being in cities. 

We fed the horses together, we chatted a little and I tried to learn the German word for horse, 'Pferd', pronounced 'Fe-airt'. That was one word I wanted to learn for that week.

We drove a little more around their area of Germany and they cleaned up their van that they have been touring in and then loaded it with a bike they were kind enough to lend me for my stay there. It was a decent mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes ready for any terrain and then headed back to their house. 

We all got prepared for the cycle ride to the border area and I was feeling very excited to see it and very happy they were going to such an effort to make it a good experience for me. We left with our bikes, met up with another one of their friends and cycled towards the border!

 We went all along country cycle routes and saw some great scenery of the surrounding hilly areas and countryside, which was so pretty and peaceful. As we were almost there, we stopped off at a nice lake area that looks like some kind of holiday location people can visit for a day or two. It was a mix of things being German and Czech, which was cool. We stopped off there for a beer together and had some onion soup, which was more of a Czech thing to go after having just been in Germany about 5 minutes ago.

Once we had the drinks, Sepp suggested we leave his girlfriend and mate to it there and continued onto the border area. It was not far to go, I could see it and I was immediately very happy and pleased to see it in such an amazing way, after cycling here with my hosts and having a beer with them.

Sepp sat down on the bench on the Czech side and left me to take pictures of myself with the flag and border posts. I literally jumped from one country to another and this was good fun and something I have always wanted to do. I am so thankful to them that they were kind enough to host me and cycle with me to see this!

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