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Start of my Adventure around Europe

I was working at a water company and booked to go to the Czech Republic, the job ended for me and I then planned to stay out in Europe for longer. So I packed my back for a longer stay around Europe, perhaps 3-4 weeks, perhaps more. I was at home with my friend who was playing a video game while I was packing my back, deciding what I would need, then the next day organising my insurance.

My first destination was Prague and I flew there with Ryanair from London Stansted on Sunday the 10th September, feeling very stressed out from working too much.

I arrived at the airport in Prague, first seeing everything written in a different language to what I know and then also seeing Pilsner Urquell advertised, which is my father's favourite beer. There was also an advert for a beer with pretty busty women, and I thought, 'Ok this is going to be a fun place for a single guy like me for the week'.

I left the airport and like most airports, it's not very clear how to get to the town centre. I had the internet at least, I just had to switch on 'data roaming' on my phone and it was exactly the same. I figured out what 'town centre was in Czech and made my way closer to town. The bus took me to an underground train station, there was a guide there to help me find the rest of the way to the centre. The first thing I noticed was that there was no advertising in the station at all, very unlike London Underground where there are adverts everywhere. This was nice and it allowed me to just focus on the architecture which was very nice.

I made my way to the underground station nearest my hostel, eventually found my bearings with a compass and then made my way to the hostel. I found it ok, a large building out of the way of the city centre. When arrived there was a large coach load of students that were all noisy and it made me feel a little unsettled, like some of them, might be in my dorm and I might not sleep but this was not the case.

I was greeted at reception by a chirpy Australian guy who helped me with the check-in and paying for the room. I was booked in for 6 nights, and he was surprised as it was a long time, and yeah I get his point. I went up to the room I was in and there were two girls in the beds at about 5 pm, like it was the evening. I was not sure why maybe they were adjusting to the time zone so I just let it slide and went to the communal area and had a pot noodle I picked up on the way there.

I stayed the night in the dorm room, everyone was asleep early, it felt very awkward, some guy came back late, obviously from a night out and was very noisy and woke me up. During the night I heard water trickling, I was in too much of slumber to react any more than just notice it. As it turns out that guys who came back drunk had used the centre of the hostel, about 4 meters from to urinate rather than use the toilet. The night porter was there mopping up the urine and woke us up to let us know what happened and asked if we would like to change rooms. It turned out that this room change would only be for the rest of the morning so I just decided to stay there now it was all cleaned. The poster said I was a nice guy and offered my an eye mask, ear defenders, a chocolate from Hungary and a couple of there things such as soap, which was a nice touch.

I also noticed that one of the girls was couchsurfing through the night and probably might explain why they were lying in bed, not saying much. It's fair to say that I didn't sleep well that night, I was feeling rough, so had a shower and went for a run to see if I felt better, I did a bit.

Later on that day, I asked one of the girls how she was and she said that she was ill, and asked in a casual way how long she was staying for; She said that she would be there for about 6 days. After that, I decided I would ask to change rooms as I had a bad experience already and I would rather not get her illness for my travels away from home. So I went down to reception, explained the situation and they helped me with changing the room, so let's see how it goes this time!

I arrived in the new dorm room and was greeted by a group of guys sitting on the beds, looking settled in and they greeted and offered me a beer along with snacks. Already, I was very pleased I had decided to move rooms and know that the rest of my stay was going to go very well. These guys were one American guy living in Spain, a Ukranian guy, Finnish guys and later on a Norwegian guy who was working at the hostel. We chatted a bit, spoke about our travels, where we are from, how long we are here and spoke like we had known each other for ages.

I stayed there that evening feeling much happier about my stay and there were no interruptions during the night which are also very good. I woke up and planned to go around town with the American guy, we had a good walk around the city together and saw the main sights and felt very happy I decided to come to Prague as it's very pretty.

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